What We Do

Aside from waking up to an inspirational morning surf, the core of Surfing Misisons is to provide assistance to the local communities of El Salvador. From visiting and providing medical care to children and families, to refurbishing churches or public spaces, the goal of the Surfing Missions program is to have a positive impact on the people of El Salvador. Surfing Misisons welcomes all types of groups, and provides many opportunities for you to serve and share your faith.

Some examples include:
  • Visit an orphanage, where you are welcome to help clean, do laundry, prepare food in the kitchen, get the kids ready for school, or care for the babies. In the evening, participate in endless games with more than 100 boys and girls who live there.
  • Work in a construction, cleaning or painting project in a church or local community.
  • Set up an inspiring and uplifting surf contest or surf camp with the locals.
  • Visit families and bring them groceries, hope, and prayer.
  • Join a medical campaign.
  • Help to distribute water filters to the neediest.
  • Sponsor a meal or a pinata party for local kids.
  • Use your skills in public speaking, teaching, music or drama in our inspirational meetings with our community.
  • Participate in the weekly Christian Surfer meetings.

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